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by Brad Setser Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Welcome. I am Nouriel’s co-conspirator on several of his recent articles, and I’ll be adding my voice to this site as well.

Obviously, Nouriel and I do not disagree on much. But we do have different ways of thinking and writing. I am probably a bit more interested in finding the sound bite that explains the complexities of macro policy than nouriel, though neither of us is known for true brevity. I am also perhaps a bit more empirical. Rather than talking of trade in the abstract, I like to know what a country is buying from the world, and what it is selling. Right now I am particularly interested in the consequences of trading U.S. T-bills for Asian (and other) consumer goods — the topic of my most recent paper with Nouriel. Since I am as interested in geopolitics as in economics, I’ll problably also post on topics like Iraq’s debt restructuring.

Brad Setser