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We are all Liberals Now

by Amity Shlaes
November 6, 2008

In the Bloomberg, I talk about the lost liberalism to which Republicans might return.  This is the case for classical liberalism. Some think Americans are too thick to get the concept of classical liberalism. I do not share that view. By focusing on social conservatism, the GOP neglected lots of its own in this campaign.  Politics as a result lost a great one: Heather Wilson of New Mexico.

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  • Posted by BeerdedOne

    Perhaps you are right that a return to classical liberalism might be the most expedient way for the republican party to regain popular appeal, but IMO, we as a nation would be better served by the party taking a more hedged philosophy a la Wilhelm Röpke.

    As far as your opinions in the Bloomberg piece go, I’m dismayed at your apparent dismissal of ‘green dreams’ as liberal fantasy. Despite the dire nature of our current predicament, complaisance in the face of a very real environmental catastrophe is a Faustian bargain capitalism can ill afford.

  • Posted by Jay Woodham

    I am just plowing into the Forgotten Man and am fascinated thus far (in the middle of the Junket to Russia).

    I’m also one of the social conservatives whose concerns your column deems too much space has been given to by the Republicans. I’m actually willing to concede that to some degree if for no other reason than social conservative rhetoric has been part of the auto-pilot mentality of Republican politics for the last ten or more years. I’m also willing to grant that the culture of the country is changing in such a way that we social conservatives won’t be able to pursue our goals in the broad national way that so many of us latched onto in the late 1980s.

    My question for you is, given that there are other social conservatives like myself, what sort of rapprochement with classical liberals like yourself do you see as possible given our shared desire for limited government in many areas?