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Dan Yergin Puts the World on his Shoulders

by Amity Shlaes
March 18, 2009

 Dan Yergin is doing what he did for the oil topic — heavy lifting on the substance — and taking up the task of sorting out what happened in the Great Depression. His take on Chairman Bernanke, NEC Director Summers, and Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers Christina Romer here.  It’s a rough load but if anyone can lift it, Dan can.


  • Posted by all-the-T-bills-in-China

    Yergin concisely presents to us how little the powers that be understand.

  • Posted by all-the-T-bills-in-China

    To talk about the global collapse with little mention of the centrality of loose money by central banks, leading to a globlal credit bubble, is just stupid.

  • Posted by AllanGreen

    Daniel Yergin should write a financial history of the world. Niall Ferguson did, and the result is awful. Not what I would have expected. If anyone can, Yergin can. And he should also push to have his PBS documentary on Oil, released on DVD.