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Responding to the Chamber of Commerce

by Michael Levi

[This post is coauthored with Trevor Houser.]

The Chamber of Commerce has responded to our analysis, published on Tuesday, of the Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act using their Energy Security Risk Index. They don’t challenge our basic conclusion: that the bill would improve U.S. energy security as measured by their own index. They do, however, make a host of other claims, to which we respond here. Read more »

Simulating the Effects of Kerry-Lieberman on Energy Security

by Michael Levi

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the Chamber of Commerce’s new Energy Security Risk Index. At the end of the post, I asked a question:

“It will be interesting… to see how various energy and climate bills being debated in Congress score on [the energy security risk index]. Anyone with an economic model want to take up that challenge?” Read more »

Kerry-Lieberman is Looking Like a Nuclear Energy Jobs Bill

by Michael Levi

Trevor Houser and his colleagues at the Peterson Institute have a sharp economic analysis of the Kerry-Lieberman energy and climate bill out this morning. Take a look here. (There’s a lot more in it – on emissions, oil consumption, and energy prices – than I discuss here.) This is the first analysis of any climate bill I’ve seen that actually tells a plausible story of the “green jobs” front. Their conclusion is that the bill would add modestly to job growth during the next decade, while depressing it slightly in the decade after, but still leaving a (tiny) net gain over the two-decade period. This is a big deal if it holds up. Read more »

What the PA-12 Special Election Says About Cap and Trade

by Michael Levi

The special election to replace the late Rep. John Murtha (D) was, as Politico notes, the only House race last night that really matterered to both parties. Democrat Mark Critz decisively beat Republican Tim Burns in a district that voted for John McCain in 2008. Good news for Democrats – but a bad sign on cap and trade. Read more »

Will a Climate Bill Cost Iran $100 Million a Day?

by Michael Levi

A big new talking point has emerged in the battle for a climate bill. Reuters reports:

“[Senator John] Kerry also has been casting the climate debate in national security tones. He joined veterans of the Iraq war to unveil a clock that counted U.S. revenues Iran would be deprived of as the United States lowers carbon emissions by burning less imported oil. The clock, adorned with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s picture, is measuring $100 million a day in potential lost revenues to Iran….” Read more »

In Memoriam: The “Linked Fee”

by Michael Levi

Oh, “linked fee”, we hardly knew you. For the last few months, conventional wisdom held that the Kerry-Lieberman-Graham climate bill, due out next Monday, would tackle emissions from transportation in a novel way. The bill was reported to leave transportation outside its emissions cap, and levy a fee on refined oil products (gasoline, petroleum, jet fuel) instead. That fee (call it a tax if you must) would have been indexed to the price of permits that power plants would have had to purchase under the cap. During its brief life, there was basically no serious public analysis of the fee’s wisdom. Now all signs say that it’s dead. Read more »