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A Tale of Two Treaties

by Michael Levi

I have an op-ed in Wednesday’s USA Today on the New START nuclear arms control agreement. I should note that I’m more than a bit uneasy with the title they’ve given it (“Treaty Hypocrisy: The GOP and New START”); I’d originally called it “A Tale of Two Treaties”, and don’t mean for it to be partisan or political, but rather to illustrate an important lesson. In any case, here’s how it starts: Read more »

The Iranian Nuclear Program: Some Observations from Israel

by Michael Levi

I spent the first part of this week in Israel talking to people about the Iranian nuclear program. I thought I’d share a few observations. (While I’m writing about travel: I’ll be in Shanghai and Hong Kong next week to talk about climate and clean energy technology. If you read this blog and live in either of those cities, drop me a line.) Read more »

The Problem(s) with the Iran Nuclear “Deal”

by Michael Levi asked me to write up some quick reactions on the nuclear “deal” announced by Iran, Turkey, and Brazil earlier today. I’m underwhelmed: deals that involve only one major party to a dispute tend to leave me cold. Perhaps the United States and Israel will announce their own deal on military options some time in the future. In any case, my take is here.

Nuclear Odds and Ends

by Michael Levi

Those of you who know me may know that I spend a lot of time thinking not just about energy and climate but about nuclear security issues too. And it’s a big couple weeks for that. If you’re interested, take a look at my thoughts on how START affects U.S.-Russian relations at Politico, my interview on the nuclear security landscape with here, and my reactions to the Nuclear Posture Review at the Daily Beast.