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Zenko covers the U.S. national security debate and offers insight on developments in international security and conflict prevention.

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Evolving State Department-USAID Strategic Goals

by Micah Zenko
April 3, 2014


In August 2003, Secretary of State Colin Powell and USAID administrator Andrew Natsios introduced the first joint State Department – USAID Strategic Plan. These plans are intended to better synchronize the direction of and priorities for the two agencies most responsible for developing and implementing U.S. foreign policy and development assistance programs.  Just yesterday, the fourth Strategic Plan was published, and like the preceding three it lists several broad strategic priorities that are intended to guide State and USAID’s own guidance documents, budgets, directives, and policies. To understand how U.S. foreign policy priorities have shifted between the Bush and Obama administrations in the past decade, please see below for a chart that lists those strategic goals

DoS SG Part II edited

DoS SG Part I edited

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  • Posted by Carl Scott

    Collaberation with Facist groups in south and central america, the middeleast, Islamo facists in libya, Syria . And now a sucessful attempt at overthrowing a democratically elected Political leader of a sovereign state and replacing him with a potpourri of Ultra nationalists, and Facists is well impressive! That with us tax money the us government is willing to throw in its lot with Stepan Bandera supporters the hand chopper and head chopper for the NS Regime.
    It has to be said CFR, USAID and the us government amongst others, should be investigated for causingConflict, death, hunger, suffering on scales unimaginable for your domestic population. Some of us are not afflicted by the cognitive dissonanance rife not only in the general population of “eaters” but in the unabashed hubris amongst so called elites, which sees “exceptional” america destroy countries and cultures and economies without any comment from the Presstitute media and think-tanks willing to back and articulate murder and theft as if it is legal when western countries undertake such dastardly acts.
    The CFR are an unwanted mouthpiece of washington wallstreet propoganda. and you should be ashamed of yourselves for the effect you have on humanity!!

    Carl Scott

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