About CFR


CFR has two central locations: the landmarked Harold Pratt House in the heart of Manhattan and on F Street in our nation’s capital.

Executive Office

Richard N. Haass
President, Council on Foreign Relations

Keith Olson
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey A. Reinke
Chief of Staff to the President

Jessica Thomas
Director, Strategic Initiatives

Doreen Bonammi
Executive Assistant to the President

Alyssa Goessler
Special Assistant

David Sacks
Special Assistant to the President, Research

Nicholas Weigel
Special Assistant to the President

Office of the CIO

Giovanna Ban
Chief Investment Officer

Raquel Chmielewski
Director of Investments

Claire Masters
Investment Associate

Office of the General Counsel

Mia Higgins
General Counsel

Giselda Metaliaj
Assistant General Counsel

Independent Task Force Program

Anya Schmemann
Director of the Independent Task Force Program 

Chelie Setzer
Assistant Director, Independent Task Force Program

Sara Shah
Program Associate, Washington Meetings and Independent Task Force Program

Global Communications and Media Relations

Lisa Shields
Vice President

Iva Zoric
Managing Director

Anya Schmemann
Washington Director, Global Communications and Outreach

Andrew Palladino
Deputy Director

Dustin Kingsmill
Deputy Director, Digital Marketing

Jenny Mallamo
Deputy Director

Lauran Potter
Assistant Director

Megan Daley
Social Media Manager

Hunter Hallman
Assistant Editor

Dalia Dagher
Communications Assistant

Katherine Ferguson
Digital Marketing and Communications Assistant

Foreign Affairs

Gideon Rose
Editor, Foreign Affairs and Peter G. Peterson Chair

Daniel Kurtz-Phelan
Executive Editor

Stephanie Solomon
Chief Revenue Officer

Ricky Ferrer 
Director of Product

Stuart Reid
Managing Editor

Justin Vogt
Managing Editor

Richard Baker
Art Director

Jonathan Chung
Circulation Operations Director

Sarah Foster
Business Operations Director

Nora Revenaugh
Marketing Director 

Edward Walsh
Advertising Director

Laura Secor
Web Editor

Nathaniel Brown
Deputy Web Editor

Ty McCormick
Deputy Web Editor

Carlos A. Morales
Senior Manager, Digital Analytics and Audience Development 

Michael Pasuit
Senior Manager, Advertising Accounts and Operations

Elena Tchainikova
Senior Manager, Events and Business Development

Laurel Jarombek 
Social Media and Audience Development Editor

Haley Arndt
Customer Retention Coordinator

Alexa Solorio
Business and Production Coordinator

Faiza Chowdhury
Marketing Operations Coordinator

Grace Finlayson
Marketing Operations Coordinator

Gabriela Vieira
Marketing Promotions Associate

Park MacDougald
Associate Editor

Alasdair Phillips-Robins
Associate Editor

Anna Boots
Assistant Editor

Victor Brechenmacher
Assistant Editor

Jackie Shost
Editorial Assistant

CFR Digital

Doug Halsey
Chief Digital Officer

CFR Editorial 

Robert McMahon
Managing Editor

Jonathan Masters
Deputy Managing Editor

James McBride
Deputy Editor

Asher Ross
Taxonomist/Content Strategist

Zachary Laub
Senior Copy Editor/Writer

Gabrielle Sierra
Events Editor 

Andrew Chatzky
Writer/Editor, Economics

Lindsay Maizland
Writer/Editor, Asia

Claire Felter
Copy Editor/Writer

Product & Design

Lisa Ortiz
Director of Product and Design

Katherine Vidal
Deputy Director, Design

Cayla Merrill
Associate Director, Design 

Kevin Lizarazo
Design Technologist

Michael Bricknell
Data Visualization Designer

Will Merrow
Data Visualization Designer

Sabine Baumgartner
Photo Editor


Jeremy Sherlick
Deputy Director, Multimedia

Thamine Nayeem
Assistant Video Producer

Zoe Collis
Assistant Multimedia Producer


David Rockefeller Studies Program

David Rockefeller Studies Program: Director of Studies Office

James M. Lindsay
Senior Vice President, Director of Studies, and Maurice R. Greenberg Chair

Shannon K. O'Neil
Vice President, Deputy Director of Studies, and Nelson and David Rockefeller Senior Fellow for Latin America Studies 

Amy R. Baker
Director, Studies Administration and Project Management

Patricia Lee Dorff
Editorial Director

Janine Hill
Director, Fellowship Affairs

Dominic Bocci
Deputy Director, Studies Grant Management

Victoria Harlan
Deputy Director, Fellowship Affairs

Shira Schwartz
Deputy Director, Studies Administration

Aliya Medetbekova
Special Assistant, Studies Administration

Christina Wehrmann
Assistant Director, Studies Administration and Junior Staff Professional Development

Julie Hersh
Production Editor, Publishing

Chloe Moffett
Associate Editor, Publishing

Sumit Poudyal
Staff Editor, Publishing

David Rockefeller Studies Program: Fellows

Elliott Abrams
Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies (On Leave)

Edward Alden
Bernard L. Schwartz Senior Fellow

Alyssa Ayres
Senior Fellow for India, Pakistan, and South Asia

Henri J. Barkey
Adjunct Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies

John B. Bellinger III
Adjunct Senior Fellow for International and National Security Law

Caroline Bettinger-Lopez
Adjunct Senior Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy

Richard K. Betts
Adjunct Senior Fellow for National Security Studies

Stephen D. Biddle
Adjunct Senior Fellow for Defense Policy

Jamille Bigio
Senior Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy

Robert D. Blackwill
Henry A. Kissinger Senior Fellow for U.S. Foreign Policy

Thomas J. Bollyky
Senior Fellow for Global Health, Economics, and Development and Director of the Global Health Program

Max Boot
Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies

Reuben E. Brigety II
Adjunct Senior Fellow for African Peace and Security Issues

Karen B. Brooks
Adjunct Senior Fellow for Asia

Willem H. Buiter
Adjunct Senior Fellow

John Campbell
Ralph Bunche Senior Fellow for Africa Policy Studies

Jared Cohen
Adjunct Senior Fellow

Jerome A. Cohen
Adjunct Senior Fellow for Asia Studies

Steven A. Cook
Eni Enrico Mattei Senior Fellow for Middle East and Africa Studies

Heidi Crebo-Rediker
Adjunct Senior Fellow

Robert Danin
Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies

Thomas E. Donilon
Distinguished Fellow

James P. Dougherty
Adjunct Senior Fellow for Business and Foreign Policy

Elizabeth C. Economy
C.V. Starr Senior Fellow and Director for Asia Studies

Richard A. Falkenrath
Senior Fellow for National Security

David P. Fidler
Adjunct Senior Fellow for Cybersecurity and Global Health

Jon Finer
Adjunct Senior Fellow for U.S. Foreign Policy

Jendayi E. Frazer
Adjunct Senior Fellow for Africa Studies

Michael Froman
Distinguished Fellow

Michelle Gavin
Senior Fellow for Africa Studies

Gordon M. Goldstein
Adjunct Senior Fellow

Thomas Graham
Distinguished Fellow

Philip H. Gordon
Mary and David Boies Senior Fellow in U.S. Foreign Policy

Bruce Hoffman
Shelby Cullom and Kathryn W. Davis Senior Fellow for Counterterrorism and Homeland Security 

Yanzhong Huang
Senior Fellow for Global Health

Martin S. Indyk
Distinguished Fellow

Amy Myers Jaffe
David M. Rubenstein Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment and Director of the Program on Energy Security and Climate Change

Miles Kahler
Senior Fellow for Global Governance

Robert K. Knake
Whitney Shepardson Senior Fellow

Charles Kupchan
Senior Fellow

Joshua Kurlantzick
Senior Fellow for Southeast Asia

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
Adjunct Senior Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy

Sebastian Mallaby
Paul A. Volcker Senior Fellow for International Economics

Lori Esposito Murray
Adjunct Senior Fellow

Meghan L. O'Sullivan
Adjunct Senior Fellow

Farah Pandith
Adjunct Senior Fellow

Stewart M. Patrick
James H. Binger Senior Fellow in Global Governance and Director of the International Institutions and Global Governance Program

Catherine Powell
Adjunct Senior Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy

Carla Anne Robbins
Adjunct Senior Fellow

John D. Rockefeller IV
Distinguished Fellow

Kenneth S. Rogoff
Senior Fellow for Economics

Adam Segal
Ira A. Lipman Chair in Emerging Technologies and National Security and Director of the Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program

Stephen Sestanovich
George F. Kennan Senior Fellow for Russian and Eurasian Studies

Brad W. Setser
Steven A. Tananbaum Senior Fellow for International Economics

Sheila A. Smith
Senior Fellow for Japan Studies

Scott A. Snyder
Senior Fellow for Korea Studies and Director of the Program on U.S.-Korea Policy

Paul B. Stares
General John W. Vessey Senior Fellow for Conflict Prevention and Director of the Center for Preventive Action

Benn Steil
Senior Fellow and Director of International Economics

Meighan Stone
Senior Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy

Ray Takeyh
Hasib J. Sabbagh Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies

Rachel B. Vogelstein
Douglas Dillon Senior Fellow and Director of the Women and Foreign Policy Program

Matthew C. Waxman
Adjunct Senior Fellow for Law and Foreign Policy

David Rockefeller Studies Program: Visiting Fellows

Anne Barnard
Edward R. Murrow Press Fellow

Captain Kevin M. Brand
Military Fellow, U.S. Navy

James M. Goldgeier
Visiting Senior Fellow

Raymond W. Kelly
Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Colonel John M. Klein Jr. 
Military Fellow, U.S. Air Force

Colonel Erica C. Nelson
Military Fellow, U.S. Army

Colonel Matthew S. Reid
Military Fellow, U.S. Marine Corps

William G. Rich
International Affairs Fellow

A. Michael Spence
Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Captain Steven Wittrock
Military Fellow, U.S. Coast Guard

David Rockefeller Studies Program: Research Associates and Program Staff

Alexandra Bro
Research Associate, Women and Foreign Policy

Christopher Brodsky
Research Associate, U.S. Foreign Policy, Middle East, and Europe

Sherry Cho
Research Associate, National Security

Daniel Clay
Research Associate, U.S. Foreign Policy

Corey Cooper
Research Associate, U.S. Foreign Policy

Natalia Cote-Muñoz
Research Associate, Latin America Studies

Benjamin Della Rocca
Analyst, Center for Geoeconomic Studies

Lauren Dudley
Research Associate, Asia Studies

Eleanor Estreich
Research Associate, Center for Preventive Action

Kyle Evanoff
Research Associate, International Institutions and Global Governance

Shelton Fitch
Research Associate, U.S. Competitiveness and Foreign Policy

Jeremy Fuller 
Research Associate, Japan Studies

Megan Geckle
Research Associate, Center for Preventive Action

Cybèle Greenberg
Research Associate, International Economics

Rebecca Hughes
Research Associate, Women and Foreign Policy

Jack McCaslin
Research Associate, Africa Policy Studies

Maylin Meisenheimer
Research Associate, Asia Studies

Yaël Mizrahi-Arnaud
Special Assistant to the Distinguished Fellow, Research

Terrence Mullan
Assistant Director, International Institutions and Global Governance

Katharine Poppe
Research Associate, Middle Eastern Studies

Scott Remer
Research Associate, International Economics

Viola Rothschild
Research Associate, China Studies

Diana Schoder
Research Associate, Global Health, Economics, and Development

Zach Shapiro
Research Associate, Middle Eastern Studies

Benjamin Silliman
Research Associate, Energy and U.S. Policy

Ellen Swicord
Research Associate, Korea Studies

Rebecca Turkington
Assistant Director, Women and Foreign Policy

Abigail Van Buren
Research Associate, Military Fellows

James West
Research Associate, India, Pakistan, and South Asia

Dylan Yalbir
Research Associate, International Economics


Caroline Netchvolodoff
Vice President

Caitlin Drexler Cafaro

Courtney Wood
Director, Education Marketing 

Brianna Collins
Deputy Director, Creative Content

Charles Hopkins
Deputy Director, Education Content

Grant White
Assistant Director

Molly Rapaport
Senior Editor

James Long
Video Producer

Ilana Haubold
Video Producer

Arielle Martinez
Digital Production Coordinator

Benjamin Tran
Digital Production Coordinator

Marta Canneri
Associate Editor

Annie Crabill
Associate Editor

Tyler McBrien
Associate Editor

Justin Schuster
Associate Editor

Ian Gilchrist
Assistant Staff Editor

Anna Mehrabyan
Assistant Staff Editor

Prayuj Pushkarna
Assistant Staff Editor

Meetings and Membership

Nancy D. Bodurtha
Vice President

Morgan Singer
Special Assistant to the Vice President


Stacey LaFollette
Managing Director, Meetings

Meaghan Fulco
Director, Meetings and Term Member Program

Carolyn Bueche
Associate Director, New York Meetings

Laura Bresnahan
Associate Director, New York Meetings

Makenzie Drukker
Program Associate, New York Meetings

Connor Sutherland
Program Assistant, New York Meetings

Marisa Shannon
Assistant Director, Washington Meetings

Sam Dunderdale
Assistant Director, Washington Meetings

Kayla Ermanni
Program Coordinator, Washington Meetings

Hassanatu Savage
Program Assistant, Washington Meetings

Sara Shah
Program Associate, Washington Meetings and Independent Task Force Program


Vera Ranola

Krystle Walthour
Membership Administrator

Nicole Golberg
Program Coordinator

Sara Engelhard
Program Associate

Carolyn Gerards
Program Associate

Zoe Schott
Program Associate

Washington External Affairs

Patrick C. Costello

Jessica Harrington
Assistant Director 

Jonathan Hyman
Program Associate

National Program and Outreach

Irina A. Faskianos
Vice President

Maria Casa
Director, National Program and Outreach Administration

Krista Zegura
Associate Director, National Program

Elizabeth Powell
Assistant Director, National Program

Christopher Washnock
Assistant Director, Outreach

Veronica Bernie
Assistant Director, Outreach

Sarah Valero
Program Coordinator, Outreach

Grace Gaskill
Program Coordinator, Outreach

Kate Griesemer
Program Coordinator, Outreach

Ameerah Siddiqqi
Program Associate, Outreach

Rachael Bolte
Program Associate, National Program

Olivia Cazayoux
Assistant to the Vice President

Corporate Affairs

Suzanne E. Helm
Vice President, Philanthropy and Corporate Relations

Christopher Tuttle
Managing Director

Amanda Huckabee Ferlazzo
Director, Corporate Programming

Elizabeth Abrahamsen
Deputy Director, Corporate Member Relations

Tara Medeiros
Deputy Director, Washington Corporate Affairs

Jonique V. Elligan
Associate Director, Business Development

Katrina Notarmaso
Program Coordinator

Anthony Hokayem
Program Associate

Kristen Misak 
Program Assistant


Suzanne E. Helm
Vice President, Philanthropy and Corporate Relations

Betsy Gude
Managing Director

Sharon R. Herbst
Director, Stewardship

Mladen Joksic
Deputy Director, Foundation Relations and Development Strategy

Lena Moy
Associate Director, Gifts Administration

Laura Miller
Assistant Director, Development and Special Projects

Andrea Grabner
Development Coordinator

Ryan Hitchcock
Development Coordinator, Annual Giving

Library and Research Services

Alysse Jordan

Connie M. Stagnaro
Associate Director, Archives and Intranet Development

Katherine Sydenham
Associate Director, Digital Asset Management

Lauren Reinhalter
Associate Director, Research and Knowledge Management

Monique Y. Libby
Web Services and Digital Resources Librarian

Dubian Campbell
Library Assistant

Yahnik Smith
Library Assistant


Jennifer Perez
Managing Director

Jean-Michel Oriol
Director, Grants and Budget Administration

Sigi Silvani
Accounting Manager

Randy Bryant
Payroll Manager

Betty Mak
Procurement and Accounts Payable Manager

Evanda Butler
Assistant Manager, Financial Analysis and Cash Management

Anisa Leka
Senior Staff Accountant

Ryan A. Kanji
Senior Accountant

Camech Emanuel
Staff Accountant

Vera Langley
Assistant Payroll Manager

Pia Nagdev
Staff Accountant

Monica Wright
Senior Accounts Payable Specialist

David Burgos
Interim Finance Assistant

Human Resources

Jan Mowder Hughes
Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

Jeffrey Meade

Linda Madueme
Director, Benefits and Compensation

Julia Eldridge
Deputy Director, Employee Engagement

Valerie Hernandez
Associate Director, Human Resources

Mia McCully
Associate Director, Talent Acquisition and Staff Development 

Quemika Edwards
Human Resources Generalist 

Diana Diaz
Benefits Administrator

Alexis Garby
Human Resources Associate

Megan Cheng
Human Resources Associate

Caroline McCarry
Human Resources Assistant

Aaron Steinberg
Interdepartmental Program Assistant

Menyae Christopher
Interdepartmental Program Assistant

Facility and Event Operations

Neftali Frank Alvarez
Managing Director, Facility, Event, and Security Management

New York Office

Maureen Hughes
Director, Event Management and Operations

Ian Noray
Deputy Director, Facility Operations and Project Management

Johnny Rodriguez
Deputy Director, Building Operations

Michael McGovern
Deputy Director, Building Engineering

Melanie Neergaard
Associate Director, Security Administration

Robert Prinzi
Associate Director, Event Management

Julissa Sarabia
Associate Director, Event Management

Erica Lew
Event Manager

William Cornell
Event Scheduling Manager

Nicolas Sander
Audio Visual Manager

Edwin Santiago
Manager, Public Space Maintenance

Edgar Rivera
Manager, Facility Services

Jose Vargas
Building Engineer

Allison Cozzi
Production Coordinator

Christopher Mackay
Event Operations Associate

John Santiago
Assistant Building Engineer

Sunil Sookhram
Facility, Event, and Reception Services Coordinator

Carlos Correa
Facility Operations Assistant

Sandro Macias
Facility Operations Assistant

Herbert McLaughlin
Facility Services Associate

Ryan Morrison
Head Houseperson

Javier Ruiz
Facility Operations Assistant

Washington Office

Jayson Frum
Director of Operations and Project Management

John Scalia
Deputy Director, Facility Operations and Project Management

Vanessa Robertson
Deputy Director, Facility Administration

Sydney Burton
Audio Visual Associate

Felipe Vaquerano
Building Engineer

Krista Wessel
Associate Director, Event Management

Meghan Studer
Event Manager

Kellie Karney
Event Manager

Audrey Aller
Event Associate

Becky Coe
Facility and Reception Services Associate

Javier Bonilla
Facility Operations Assistant

MJ Johnson
Facility Operations Assistant

Rafael Magana
Event Operations Waiter

Reception Services

Radmila Jackovich
Senior Manager, Reception Services

Demetrius Dudley
Manager, Reception Services

Minembe Mateene
Reception Services Coordinator

Special Events

April Sherwin
Assistant Director, Special Events

Christina Karabas
Event Sales Coordinator

Nicole Ceballos
Special Events Assistant